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Dear friends, 

Welcome to Biblical Resources. You may like to scroll down to the Charity Cycle links below. Thanks to all who have already contributed. The current goal is €5k. 

The readings

In John 6, there are two words for eating. You have the more common verb "esthiō" (John 6:5, 23, 26, 31, 49-53, 58 ) and the less common verb "trōgō" meaning to chew or to bite (John 6:54, 56-58 ). The first is more general (to eat, to drink, to consume food, to use food ) while the second is more specific (to bite, to chew). The concentration of chewing in our reading is a significant choice. What could it mean?

It is tempting to think sacramentally. However, there is no Lord's Supper in the Fourth Gospel and the giving of his flesh takes place not around a table but on the cross. In faith terms, Jesus is our bread of life because he gives himself in death and resurrection. John wants us to "chew" on that faith reality until it yields nourishment for each one of us. He knows this is a struggle. Hence the crass misunderstanding of v. 52 and the later bald reaction of v. 60. 

Then the Jews started arguing among themselves, ‘How can this man give us his flesh to eat?’ (John 6:52)
After hearing it, many of his followers said, ‘This is intolerable language. How could anyone accept it?’  (John 6:60)

Seán Goan's new book on the Fourth Gospel, "The Sign", is particularly helpful on such nuances in John 6. In terms of preaching, the focus has shifted from the gift of the bread of life (Jesus) to the reception of the gift (our faith). 

The notes

Full notes (pdf)
Gospel notes (audio)
Gospel notes (smartphones/tablets)

Opening John 6 for Preachers

Some inspiration

Rowan Williams wrote a short book entitled "Sacramental Living". The second paper is called "Living Eucharistically." You can read it here

You may like to listen to W. Byrd's "Ave Verum" sung in Ely Cathedral by the Gesualdo Six. Musical perfection combined with a magnificent setting.

Kieran O'Mahony, OSA

Biblical Resources

We kindly invite you to join us here in St. Thomas The Apostle parish church, Jobstown, for 40 Hours Adoration, beginning on Friday, the 24th of August at midnight and ending on Sunday, 26th of August, after the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park. Our prayers will be offered up for the Pope Francis intentions and His safety, for people visiting Ireland, for all of Ireland and the future of our Church. We hope that it will be a good opportunity to pray together especially for those who cannot attend the Croke Park or the Phoenix Park. All the main events of the Pope's visit will be shown on the screens. Tea/coffee and light snacks facilities will be available throughout, also security in the car park and the church. We look forward to welcome you!




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