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1. Advent programmes
(a) Advent Sunday readings: a weekly series on the Sunday readings will be offered in the Pro-Cathedral on WEDNESDAYS at 11.15, beginning on WEDNESDAY 27th November.
(b) All the Advent materials are available are here and you are welcome to use them in your own parish/faith group etc.  
(c) A new book on the Advent and Christmas readings, "Hearers of the Word," may be explored below.    

2. Christ the King
On this Sunday, we complete the year of Luke. In fact, many of the themes of Luke are echoed in Sunday's gospel: Jesus the prophet martyr, compassion and hope, the today of salvation, the use of "unlikely" characters and so on. It might be a good time to reflect on the year as a whole, with Luke's marvellous stories illustrating the tender mercy of our God, the dawn from on high (Luke 1:78).

The note of thanksgiving is taken up in the poem below. 

3. Sunday 24 November 2019 (Christ the King; 34C19)

Complete notes (PDF)
Gospel notes only (audio)
Gospel notes only (Portable)

4. Some inspiration 

Thanksgiving starts with thanks for mere survival,
Just to have made it through another year
With everyone still breathing. But we share
So much beyond the outer roads we travel;
Our interweavings on a deeper level,
The modes of life embodied souls can share,
The unguessed blessings of our being here,
Threads of connection no one can unravel.
So I give thanks for our deep coinherence,
Inwoven in the web of God's own  grace,
Pulling us through the grave and gate of death. 
I thank him for the truth behind appearance,
I thank him for his light in every face,
I think for us all, with every breath.


5. Hearers of the Word

Hearers of the Word. Praying & Exploring the Readings for Advent & Christmas: Year A.   The period covered runs from the first Sunday of Advent (01.12.2019) until the Sunday after the Baptism (19.01.2020), including full commentaries on all four sets of readings for Christmas Day. 

The book is available from Messenger Publications. It is also available from Book Depository and from

Wishing you every blessing for the week ahead,   


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