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Dear friends, 1. Hospitality
There is an apparent tension between the Genesis reading and the Gospel. Both deal with hospitality, with the first reading underlining the elaborate material expression of welcome while the Gospel gives priority to the "spiritual" welcome, so to speak. It is possible to put all the effort into the food and drink and it has its own importance, as we know. But if that is all there is we go away hungry. Paying real attention to someone is a great grace and, as recipients, we recognise this too with gratitude.  

2. Rublev
The scene in Genesis 18 received its most powerful artistic expression at the hands of Andrei Rublev. The icon of the Trinity or the Hospitality of Abraham is justly popular. The original, unexpectedly large, is to be found in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Resources: a useful introduction; a visual meditation with Russian Orthodox chant; a longer visual and spiritual exploration. If you're listening to only one (!), then I recommend this last link. 

3. Sunday 21 July 2019 (16C19) Complete notes (PDF)
Gospel notes only (audio)
Gospel notes only (Portable)

4. Annual charity cycle for the homeless 
Each year, I do a charity cycle for the Peter McVerry Trust, a charity which takes care of homeless young people in Ireland. If you enjoy these notes and would like to contribute, then simply click on this link: charity cycle. Any donation, great or small, is welcome and much appreciated. 

If you prefer not to make donations online, you may like to send a cheque (payable to the Peter McVerry Trust) to my home address:

St John's Priory,
94-96 Thomas St
Dublin D08 F8NW

For more details regarding the cycle, click here

Thanks for all the support, wishing you every blessing,  



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