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Dear Parishioners,

You will probably know that we will begin to celebrate the Sacraments of the First Holy Communion and Confirmation on Monday next, the 20th of September. 
These celebrations will take place every morning (Communions) and every evening (Confirmations), Monday to Friday, across all four of our parish churches over a period of 4 weeks.

During this time, we ask you to pray for the children/young adults and their Families. Their preparation for the Sacraments has been greatly hampered due to the various constraints caused by Covid 19. However, each Sacrament has an inherent grace, so we ask your prayers that the children & families will be open to receiving that grace of God's huge love for them.

We ask your prayer also for our volunteer stewards & sacristans, who are giving so generously of their time so that these Sacraments can be celebrated safely and with dignity. 
Please pray for the school chaplains, who have been a great support to the young people and the families. We owe a great deal of gratitude for their work and commitment. 
As members of the Parish Team, we rely on your prayer too, as we continue to pray for you and yours. 

During this period of time, regular weekday Masses will be celebrated ONLY in St. Mark's, Springfield, each weekday morning at 10am.

In the event of a funeral occurring in St. Mark's during that time, it will be celebrated at 10am. We will give our regular weekday Mass goers as much notice as possible in the event of a funeral occurring and we ask the Rosary group to pray the Rosary at home privately during this time.

Weekend Masses will continue as normal in ALL our churches during this time. 

Many thanks for your continued prayer, support and understanding.
Your Faithfully,
The Parish Team 


Important information for Parents

First Communion Information

Confirmation Information


Dear Families,

We pray special Blessings upon you at this significant time in your child's life and we are looking forward to greet you All in our parish churches for the First Holy Communion Mass!

Please check out the videos below, which may be a great reminder of the Gifts and Beauty our Faith offers us! We trust that God's Grace is always active and working through the Sacraments regardless of the circumstances we are finding ourselves in the past year and a half.

You will see that the second video is about the First Reconciliation.

We hope it will be helpful guidance for your child as she/he will prepare for the confession in the future. Once again, we deeply regret that due to large numbers of children due to receive the First Holy Communion, we could not offer the First Confession this year for the classes of 2021.

There will be a Rite of Forgiveness incorporated at the beginning of the Mass during the celebration of the Word.

Faithfully Yours,
Parish Team


Watch our video to learn more about this important time for you