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Welcome to our Parish Website


Income to our parishes, our priests and our diocese have collapsed during the last few months, to the point where our diocese of Dublin will be making one third of our lay staff redundant and our priests have had a twenty five percent pay cut. Each of our parishes have been spending significantly more than we brought in over the last number of years. This is simply not sustainable. We need every person who supports our parish community to become a CONSCIOUS contributor under three headings:

A. Your Parish

B. Your Priests (Previously 1st Collection at Mass)

C. Your Diocesan Services / Poorer Parishes (Previously SHARE, 2nd Collection at Mass)

How Can I Contribute?

We will no longer be ‘passing the basket’ at Mass for collections (B) and (C) above. Here’s how to contribute:

To Your Parish:

This pays all parish expenses, repairs/maintenance/salaries/insurance/utilities, etc.

· Use the ‘donate’ button on the St. Mark’s Parish Website ( or our Facebook page

[parishes of Springfield, Brookfield, Jobstown (St. Mark’s parishioners only)].

· Set up a Standing Order with your bank – Forms available through the parish office.

· Sign up for a box of ‘Family Offering’ envelopes.

· Fill in form on reverse of this sheet and return to office.

To Your Priests and SHARE:

· Use the ‘donate’ button on St. Mark’s Parish Website or Facebook page (St. Mark’s parishioners only for the moment).

· Use the First/Second Collection envelopes available in churches and make a weekly/monthly donation. Return to parish church/sacristy/any member of the parish team.

· Sign up for envelopes for 1st/2nd collections (priests/Share, diocese).


1.  Sunday 2 August (18A20)
Full notes (PDF)
Gospel notes only (audio)
Gospel notes only (portable)

Short presentations, going a little deeper into the Gospel passage.
Gospel exploration (YouTube)
Gospel exploration (Zoom)

2. The Feast of the Transfiguration 6 August
Full notes (PDF)
Gospel notes only (audio)
Gospel notes only (portable)

3. Online Gospel explorations (complete list)
YouTube lectures

Every Blessing



Dear Parishioner,

We hope this note finds you and all you love well and happy.

The Parish Team, Area Pastoral council and many people of good will have been working for some time to prepare for the joyful occasion of re-opening our parish churches doors to welcome you all once again.
A sincere thanks to One and All who were such faithful helping hands and presence.

As you are most likely aware, we still have major restrictions on the numbers who will be allowed in the churches (50 Max at the moment). Masses will be celebrated as follows:

ST. MARK'S PARISH CHURCH - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 10 am. Every Thursday - Eucharistic Adoration from 10 am to 3 pm.
Saturday - 6.30 pm & Sunday Mass at 12.30 pm.

CHURCH OF THE INCARNATION - Sunday Mass at 10 am.

ST. AIDAN'S PARISH CHURCH, BROOKFIELD - Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10 am (please note that morning Mass time is changed from 9.15 am). Saturday - 5.30 pm. Sunday - at 10.30 am.

ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE PARISH CHURCH, JOBSTOWN - Tuesday & Thursday at 10 am. Sunday Mass at 11.30 am.  



Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The eleven parishes of Tallaght Deanery – Bohernabreena, Killinarden, Kilnamanagh-Castleview, Springfield, Jobstown, Brookfield, St. Aengus’s, St. Dominic’s, St. Martin de Porres and St. Mary’s – share your sadness that we have not been in a position to celebrate the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmations this year to date. Our eleven parishes are committed to celebrating these Sacraments in due course. However, we need your co-operation and patience. Resources vary considerably from parish to parish in relation to priests (elderly!), sizes of churches (social distancing), numbers of children for Sacraments, etc.

How, where and when we celebrate the Sacraments will have to change in the light of new realities. Each parish of the Tallaght Deanery will make its own arrangements, re: the celebration of the Sacraments. We are all struggling to re-organise ourselves in the light of Covid-19.

When your parish has come up with its plan, the relevant information will be posted on parish and information platforms. The completion of Sacraments may take some time. Again, we ask for your patience and co-operation and remember that different parishes will make different arrangements due to their own particular circumstances. Many of our parishes are really struggling to manage on many levels. Perhaps there are ways you could use your gifts/talents to support your parish. Contact your parish locally.

Meanwhile, we wish you and your children a happy and safe Summer. Stay together, pray together.

Yours in faith,

Fr. Pat McKinley

On behalf of the parishes of Tallaght Deanery



Hope you are enjoying our new website which we are still developing.  If you have any comments or suggestions please send us an email at