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Dublin to Blessington Steam Tram

In 1888 about 125 years before the Luas the first tram system began to operate in Dublin. It was called the Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway (DBST). It served the people of Dublin and Wicklow for more than fifty years before stopping in 1932.  It came all the way from Dublin city centre to Tallaght up the main road past the Jobstown House and all the way to Blessington and ended its journey at Poulaphouca.  The tram served the important cattle and sheep fairs of Blessington and the De Selby Quarries at Jobstown, making it an important trade link.

The tram moved silently and accidents were common; many casualties were laid out temporarily in the Templeogue Inn, earning it the nickname The Morgue.  This tramline became known as the longest graveyard in Europe on account of so many fatalities occurring along the line. 

Tallaght Village