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Spa and Turkish baths - Johnville

In days gone by there was a large house called Johnville in the fields beyond Jobstown as you travel towards the Embankment.  It had large gardens which sloped down the hill and through which a stream flowed.  The gardens were well maintained and were planted with lines of trees.  . Around about the middle of the1800’s a Dr. Luther took the house and developed it as a sort of Turkish Baths, using the water from the stream, which supposedly had curative properties.  Unfortunately the business did not thrive probably to its distance from Dublin and transport difficulties in those days before motor cars.


Holy Well - Johnville

Also in a field near here there was a holy well known as Tober Moling (St. Melruains Well).  It was known for its curative properties, in particular for those suffering with stomach ailments.  There were many holy wells in Tallaght perhaps all forgotten about now apart from St. Colmcille’s Well near Old Court.